Three chocolates cake: recipe step by step

This three chocolate cake recipe is so delicious that you will not be able to eat just one serving.

It's one of those desserts that everyone likes, and you've probably eaten in more than one occasion in a restaurant.

Well now you have the opportunity to learn how to prepare it at home.

How to make three chocolates cake?

If you want to surprise your guests with a dessert, this is the correct recipe. 100% Guaranteed. And the best thing is that it does not have anything baked in the oven.

three chocolates cake

cake three chocolates
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Three chocolate cake recipe

It's not one, not two, but three chocolates that we're going to use for this recipe delight. Below, the step by step explanation to prepare it.The first thing we have to do is put the cookies in a kitchen robot to become crumbs. You can also do this process at hand, with a mallet or some equivalent kitchen tool. The point is to crush the cookies and then use them to make a paste.
  • - Next, let's melt the butter, being careful not to burn it. We can do this in a pot, at low heat, or better yet, in the microwave, to be faster. You only need to heat this ingredient for a very short time. The idea is not that it is completely based, but that it is creamy. If you want to be more ecological, you can take it out of the refrigerator well in advance, and leave it at room temperature, so that it softens itself.
  • - What follows is to mix the cookie crumbs with the butter. We can take advantage of the kitchen robot to do this, or if they crushed the cookies at hand, then integrate the ingredients in a container, with the help of a manual beater.
  • - Once obtained a homogeneous paste, we will deposit it in the bottom of a cake mold, preferably removable. I prefer to put a little bit into the mold before beginning to accommodate the dough, to make sure that it is easy to peel off later. You can also use a sheet of vegetable paper.
  • - To give shape to the cookie dough, we will crush the crumb paste against the bottom surface of the mold. We can help with a kitchen spoon or with forks, to go arranging it in such a way that it covers all the bottom and that it is of a uniform thickness.
  • The dark chocolate flavor layer

    1. - To begin, let's mix the milk and the cream. Reserve a cup of this liquid to dissolve the curd.
    2. - Then we will heat the rest of the mixture in a pot, add the sugar and dark chocolate into pieces.
    3. - Continue stirring until the chocolate dissolves and then let the mixture boil, so that the liquid starts to thicken. We will then add the cup of the liquid previously, with the dissolved curd, and stir well again, to integrate all the ingredients.
    4. - Let the mixture boil again, so that it thickens more. At this point, we will extinguish the fire and remove the pot from the kitchen.
    5. - We will take the mixture to the mold with the base of cookies, and we will pour it there to form the first layer of chocolate.
    6. - We will keep this part of the cake in the refrigerator, while preparing the second layer of chocolate.Well, let's do the same with the ingredients of the chocolate milk flavor layers. Regarding the use of sugar, I recommend trying the mixture with the chocolate they decided to use. There are chocolates with milk that include more or less sugar in its composition, just as there are cooks more or less sugar lovers 😉

    The white chocolate flavor layer

    1. - What do you think we are going to do to prepare this layer? Yes, the same as for the previous ones, only in this case, it is a fact that we will not use any sugar.
    2. - Once we have the three layers of chocolates on the layer of cookies, we will put our cake to the refrigerator between 6 and 8 hours. If you can leave it there all night, better yet.

    There is an important point that should be Take into account for the preparation of this recipe: it is a dessert, and as such, it is very caloric. So no regrets, and no changes from milk to light milk, skim, defatted or skimmed milk. The same with cream. You have to leave the traditional versions, with their fat.

    Tips for a cake three chocolates (more) unforgettable:

    • There are two ways to prepare the cake three chocolates: with gelatin or curd. In this recipe we have used curd, but if you prefer to use gelatin, you have to replace with four leaves of this ingredient to each envelope of curd. Also keep in mind that you have to soften the sheets of gelatin, submerging them for five minutes in water, before mixing them with the rest of the ingredients.
    • Las María are the best type of cookies you can use to this recipe.
    • If you want to prevent one layer of chocolate from sliding over the other, you can make a kind of "streaks" with a fork, once the bottom layer has hardened a bit. This before pouring the chocolate for a next layer.
    • When you are going to deposit a layer of chocolate on the previous one, do it as delicately as possible. If you throw the chocolate liquid in a jet, what you will achieve is to create a kind of hollow or concavity in the lower layer. You can even help with a ladle or kitchen spoon, so that it receives the first impact of the liquid, before it touches the previous layer.

    Presentation of the cake three chocolates easy

    For the decoration of the cake, you have several options. And by itself, the visual effect is attractive, thanks to the layers of colors.

    • On the top of the cake, you can decorate with pieces of fresh fruit, fresh mint leaves, chocolate figures or whipped cream flakes. They can even make their own chocolate figures, such as leaves or circles. They can also make lines with chocolate syrup or fruit.
    • Another option is to place the decorations next to the cake three chocolates, or on the plates serving the portions. They can also sprinkle with chocolate flakes. In my case, as I love the taste of this dessert accompanied by whipped cream, I used this last option for decoration.
    • Another way to present this cake is with individual transparent glasses. In that case, you do not have to unmold the cake, and you can even do without the cookie base.Choose between chocolate mousse in 4 steps, our chocolate muffins or our brownie. Or you can also prepare them all.

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