Sacher cake recipe: authentic Austrian dessert

To see the photo of a sacher cake is to fall in love visually. But I assure you that when they prepare our recipe, they will fall in love with this dessert in all possible ways.

The recipe we are going to prepare today is the authentic sacher cake, that Austrian chocolate cake that makes us salivate just think about it.

Homemade sacher cake step by step

This delicious dessert may not seem so easy, but believe me: although the preparation is a little long, it is enough to follow it step by step.

This cake can be prepared by chefs with any level of experience in the kitchen. What we will show you next is an easy sacher cake recipe.

sacher cake

sacher cake
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Ingredients and preparation of the sacher cake

Below we will explain step by step how to prepare the authentic sacher cake recipe.For butter to soften more easily and have a creamier texture, you can leave it for a while at room temperature. This is the most recommended way to obtain a good consistency to beat it with other ingredients.
  • Then we will separate the contents of the eggs: in one bowl the yolks and in another the egg whites.
  • At this point, we would like to preheat the oven to 180 degrees.
  • In the case of the yolks, we will beat them with the chocolate powder until they are fully integrated.
  • Then, let's unify this "yolk cream" with our previous mixture: the sweetened butter. It must be a homogeneous cream, which we are going to reserve.
  • Now we will use the whites of egg, to beat them with the conventional sugar until obtaining a point of snow.
  • Once the whites in snow, we will mix them with the other cream that we had previously prepared, and reserved.
  • After obtaining a well-homogeneous paste, we will continue beating to gradually integrate the flour and the chemical yeast. In fact, the ideal thing is to stir the Royal powder with the flour, and once mixed, add them to the rest of the ingredients.
  • Now with our cake mix without any clots or isolated ingredients, we will cover the inside surface of a cake baking dish with butter and sprinkle it with a little flour.
  • Now we have to pour all our mixture inside the mold, and put it in the oven for approximately 60 minutes.
  • While the cake is baked, we can take advantage of it to take care of prepare the cover of chocolate, which is to suck your fingers.
  • How make the chocolate cover for the sacher cake

    1. To make the sacher cake glaze, let's start by heating the butter a little, and use it to melt the chocolate.
    2. You can cut the chocolate into pieces, or you can even grate it.Then stir them with force to form a homogeneous mixture and that there is no lump. From that point on, the cream is left to cook for a few minutes and then it goes out, but it is still stirred until it is warm.
    3. The last step, regarding removing the mixture after turning it off and making it warm, is recommended for any of the two types of preparations.

    The mixture of cake and creams

    1. Once the cake is ready and out of the oven, let it cool and cut horizontally on three floors.
    2. The two intermediate openings of the cake should be filled with apricot jam. Some people prefer to use methods such as heating the jam before spreading it, or passing it through a robot or blender so that its consistency is as liquid as possible.
    3. We are also going to spread a part of the jam on the surface of the cake, before starting to cover it with the chocolate cream.
    4. And well, we have already advanced the last step: clearly, you have to cover the whole cake with the creamy chocolate.

    The sacher cake in Vienna

    We had already anticipated that the authentic sacher cake is Austrian. This cake was invented in Vienna, and has a long history, after its creation in 1832. In fact, today Café Sacher is a must for tourism in that city, to try this dessert for a price a little more expensive than in other places.

    The truth is that this is one of the most famous chocolate cakes in the world, or perhaps the most famous one. For more information about the sacher cake, here are a couple of links to discover where to eat it in Vienna, and learn more about the history of the "sachertorte".

    In any case, not to limit ourselves to eat sacher chocolate cake if we go through Vienna, with this recipe we can prepare it lots of times.

    Recommendations for a perfect sacher cake

    • The custom is to decorate this dessert with cream assembled at the time of serving.
    • Let your cake cool in the refrigerator after having covered it with the chocolate cream. So the cover will harden a bit and will have a more interesting texture when serving your cake.

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